Channel Collection Page Revamp

I redesigned Prime Video's channel collection pages to help customers discover personalized and relevant content more easily + enable channel partners to showcase their brand and titles.

Living Room Devices Responsive Web Mobile Content Discovery

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Mailchimp Payments Onboarding

I shortened a flow from 42 clicks to 16 clicks to help merchants get online and transact faster and confidently.

Responsive web Onboarding Payments Workshop facilitation

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Saved Account Manager

I designed and delivered an experience for and Chase Mobile that helps customers monitor where their cards are being stored.

Responsive web Mobile app Interaction design Information architecture

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Out-of-Box Experience

I created digestible stories that introduce customers to new features released to Chase Mobile.

Mobile app Motion design Onboarding Storytelling

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Credit Options

I introduced the design process and design system to my product partners to collaborate in building a one-stop shop for cardholders to discover and accept financing offers they're already approved for.

Stakeholder buy-in Responsive web Mobile app Marketing

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